Welcome to the official website of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya

The official website of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya

Senya is run by the President who remains in office untill he dies. The current President, and the founder, is Barnaby Hands. The President dictates all laws and foreign affairs, including joining organisations.

The Head of State is the Senyavite. The Senyavite has limited powers and is the ceremonial figure of Senya. Senya's current Senyavite is a Russian Dwarf Hampster called Pav, who took office on the 13 January, after an 8 month reign by cat Cally Anna. 

Email: unitedmicronation.micro@gmail.com
Blog: dessenya.wordpress.com

 Democratic Environmental Society of Senya is a micronation located in Norfolk, UK, run by President Barnaby Hands. The Country is a constituitional monarchy, with every 6 months we elect our Senyavite (Head of State). The President will always stay the same unless either he/she dies or the president goes into coma.

Senya was founded on the 27th March 2010. The first two months were just mere mucking about on a school computer on google maps. After a while though, Senya went under the radar, even the President forgot it existed. However, when the President found Microwiki, he re -did the flag and made a fleging empire. DES Senya has always had ties with CR Dallingrad, who used to be called New Russia. President Hands says the relation between the two countries is like the Golden Relation between the UK and the US. On the 15th November 2010, Senya got it's first friend from outside of Norfolk. This was the Republic of Ultamiya.

Scince then, the nation has grown into a well run state, joining the Friends Alliance, MUSC & the OAM.

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